Whether you need some assistance setting up departmental structure or your estimators need some training to work more efficiently, I am available to work personally and specifically to help your company be more efficient, better organized, and more productive.  My services can assist in making your company better, so please contact me to discuss your needs and we can work out a customized plan for your company.

Successful estimating is vital to the success of any contracting firm. Providing quality training will help your estimators perform at the highest level possible.

Helping Electrical Contractors with the following services:

  • Training In ACCUBID™ Classic Products
  • Estimator Training – On-Site or Online
  • Implementation of Computerized Estimating Software
  • Database Management of ACCUBID™ Classic Products
  • Establishing an Estimating Department
  • Estimator ACCUBID™ Software Screening

Training in ACCUBID™ Products

I specialize in software training in Trimble ACCUBID™ products.

Most independent electrical estimating companies remain neutral on software recommendations. It has been my personal experience by estimating for several large contractors using four different software programs, that the software is the KEY component in successful estimating. Not all estimating software is created equal and cost should not be the deciding factor on which software you choose.

To maximize estimating, your estimators must enter their takeoff directly into the software program. Estimators using takeoff sheets to record materials and then sitting in front of a computer doing data entry, is costing you more than you realize.

Here are REAL numbers from two different contractors that I have worked for:

Contractor #1

Using ACCUBID™ and estimators doing “paperless takeoff”

Having five employees estimating as follows:

  • Three full-time employees functioning as estimator/project manager
  • One full-time estimator
  • One part-time estimator working 1,500 hours a year

Total estimating volume produced – $132,000,000

Contractor #2

Using a different leading estimating software and estimators writing takeoffs on paper, then entering the data into the estimating program

Having six employees estimating as follows:

  • Four full-time employees functioning as estimator/project manager
  • One full-time estimator
  • One part-time estimator working 1,600 hours a year

Total estimating volume produced – $56,000,000


I think it is simple, the more work you can bid, the more work you can secure.

I believe that ACCUBID™ software is leading software for going “paperless” in your estimating.

Estimators Training

How many contractors put someone in their office and give them a set of drawings and the only experience they have is that they can count symbols. There are “symbol counters” and then there are “estimators.” Just as an apprenticeship program allows beginners to work with the experience journeyman, you must allow your junior estimators to work with your senior estimators. I specialize in software training in Trimble ACCUBID™ products.

I can provide training in the following:

  • Estimating methods
  • Maximizing your software
  • Producing accurate estimates faster
  • Database manager training – SO IMPORTANT!
  • Advanced takeoff methods
  • Go paperless in your take-offs

You need a seasoned estimator with a proven track record to give your estimating department some maturity. Contact me and I will work out a plan that will fit your needs. I can provide training online or on-site with two or three day courses.

Take your estimators and estimating department to the next level with quality training.

Implementation of Computerized Estimating Software

Estimating labor is expensive. Manual estimating is ridiculously expensive. There are so many advantages to using estimating software. Here are some of the benefits of computerized estimating:

  • Accuracy
  • Speed Efficiency
  • Consistency
  • Labor reporting
  • Phasing a project
  • Project management

Computerizing your estimating department will give your greater control over your projects from the successful bid, to purchasing materials and organizing your labor forces.

Having used four major electrical estimating software programs with several major electrical contractors, I believe that I have the experience to make a smooth transition to train your estimators. If you need to setup estimating software and train your estimators to be proficient, please contact me to work out a plan to meet your company’s needs.

I can also assist you if you are considering implementing estimating software or as you make a transition from one system to another.

Database Management

You must help your estimators use your estimating software to its fullest potential. Unless you have a procedure that allows your estimators to have input to the database structure, items, and assemblies, you are hindering their ability to produce more bids for your company. Keeping your database healthy is vital to your estimating production and success.

Database management is time consuming, but well worth the investment to maximize your estimating. Having been the database manager for three major contracting firms, I have the experience to assist your company from start to finish.

Here are some questions for you to consider about your database:

  • Do you have a database manager?
  • Can your estimators offer database suggestions to the database manager?
  • Do you have current item pricing for bids?
  • Do you have current item list pricing for change orders?
  • Are your estimators making an unusual number of temporary items?
  • Are your estimators making an unusual number of temporary assemblies?
  • Do you have the ability to import items into your database from Trade Service?

I offer the following assistance with database management:

  • A free analysis of your ACCUBID™ database and will let you know the areas that need work
  • An ACCUBID™ Database training course

Establishing an Estimating Department

Having estimated for several quality electrical contractors, I have gleaned the best techniques and methods of estimating. Quality estimators do not need to be micromanaged, but they do need structure. Successful estimating is vital to the success of any contracting firm. Can’t find quality estimators when you need them? Why not make your current estimators perform at a higher level of excellence? Why not give your estimating department a tune-up?

Whether you are an established contractor or just starting up, why not glean from someone who as the experience to help you grow your estimating department and your company.

Estimator screening in the use of ACCUBID™ Products

Need to hire an estimator? Are you sure of their grasp of electrical estimating software, especially ACCUBID™ products? Prospective employees have a tendency to overstate their abilities in order to gain employment. You can take out the guess work and know exactly a person’s abilities by having Estimating 101 host an online meeting with your prospective estimator and have them demonstrate various functions in the exact program that they will use with your company.

This will allow the contractor to determine:

  • Software skills
  • Compensation
  • Areas of training needed

The contractor will be provided with a report card with grading in all aspects of the program. Additional comments will be included that will provide the contractor with a thorough explanation of the estimators’ understanding of the software.

Proper screening will allow the contractor to hire the best estimator for their team. A proper screening will take approximately two hours of the estimator’s time.

If you are considering hiring a new estimator, contact me today and set up a screening appointment.